Instant Beauty Hair Extensions now carries a special blend of human hair: 70% Indian mixed with 30% European. We work with one supply factory that imports both hair types & custom blends them uniquely for us.

In Europe, very few women sell their hair...this means it is typically hard to come by & unfortunately also means they come with a hefty price tag.  European hair is usually light brown or various shades of blonde.  These light hair colours mean that the hair does not have to be processed as much, resulting in a stronger, healthier hair extension. We wanted to give our clients the best possible hair & so we have mixed the European hair with high quality Indian hair to keep costs low. Indian hair & European hair are both ethically sourced & have a similar structure.  This allows the hair extensions to match most hair types & blend flawlessly with natural hair. The hair is straight but has a slight wave if left to dry naturally & can be straightened or curled easily.

If you are looking for 100% Russian Human Hair, we can special order it for you at an added cost. 2 weeks required for delivery as the extensions are coming directly from Russia. Consultation & deposit required.

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