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Instant Beauty Online FAQ

1. What is the quality of Instant Beauty's hair?

Instant Beauty Hair Extensions carries a special blend of human hair: 70% Indian mixed with 30% European. We work with one supply factory that imports both hair types & custom blends them uniquely for us. Instant Beauty proudly uses ethically sourced human hair. This hair has to be healthy human hair and it can’t be damaged. The hair is collected from healthy women. After it has been collected it goes through an elaborate 12 step process to create the perfect hair.  The hair goes through a very complex process to guarantee quality.  The hair extensions will match most hair types & can blend flawlessly with natural hair. The hair is straight but has a slight wave if left to dry naturally & can be straightened or curled easily. Our classic line is the very best value & the hair will last 6 months - 1 year with proper care.

2. Why is Instant Beauty so expensive?

Instant Beauty extensions are actually not that high compared to some other brands. Keep in mind we are a professional salon quality brand, so our prices are the same, if not less, than the other professional hair extension brands. You are paying for quality and hair you can wear confidently of a long time. If you see less expensive hair online, make sure it is genuine remy human hair so it lasts.  Our extensions won’t fall apart or mat up after a few days of wear.

3. Which extensions are best for thin hair?

If you have thin hair, our seamless invisible tape in extensions are one of the best hair extension choices for you. Our seamless clip ins are a great choice too. Classic tapes or clip ins will be too bulky and may cause balding long term on those who have super fine hair. They may also poke out and be very noticeable.  If you have VERY thin/fine hair, your hairstylist should use the single sided tape in method for your tape in application. The single sided method is applying one tape bond and one piece of single sided tape, forming one bond, instead of applying two tape wefts together.  Alternatively, you can get fusion extensions professionally applied in half (0.5g), which places barely any weight onto your natural hair.

4. Can I apply extensions myself?

If you purchase our seamless clip ins, you can absolutely apply them yourself every day.  With a little practice they can be applied in under 5 minutes! If you purchased tapes or fusions, be sure to have them professionally applied. 

5. Where can I get my extensions applied?

If you are located in the greater Toronto area, book an appointment with Samantha, the creator of Instant Beauty! If you are outside of her area, research the many talented hair extension artists that operate close to you.  Keep in mind that they should be certified, have PLENTY of experience (look through their portfolio online or on social media) & not be priced at rock bottom. Sometimes a new technician will offer very cheap application prices to gain experience.  You do not want an amateur practicing on you! 

6.  Does Instant Beauty offer warrantee on their hair?

No, we do not offer a warrantee on opened or used packs of hair due to many causes outside of our control.  Poor application, excessive styling &  improper after care can cause the extensions to wear out faster than they should.  We offer a refund on unopened/unused packs & are happy to resolve any problem before you use the extensions.

7. Can I color the extensions?

Yes you can. Because our hair is 100% human hair all collections can be dyed. Just note that you should only use semi or demi permanent hair dye. You should never ever lift the color, only deposit it. You want to keep the hair healthy. Color darker, never lighter.

8. Can I wash and blow dry my hair every day? What about swimming?

You can wash your hair and get blowouts without ruining your extensions, but we recommend 2 - 3x per week maximum to keep the integrity of the hair. If you are using clip ins, we recommend you remove them and wash, dry and style separately.  If you decide to swim with extensions, be sure to rinse the chlorine out and condition them immediately after. 

9. Can I sleep with extensions in?

For permanent methods (tape ins and fusions) you can sleep with your extensions in. For ready to wear extension methods (clips ins) we absolutely do not recommend you sleep with your extensions in. Sleeping with ready to wear hair extensions can damage your own hair, and it can cause the hair extensions to tangle.

Toronto Salon Services FAQ

1. How should I prepare for my appointment?

You should arrive with very clean, dry hair with absolutely NO product including oils, conditioners, etc. This is essential to make sure the extensions have the best possible chance at lasting as long as possible.

2. How long does the process take?

The time varies depending on the desired look. It can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.

3. How much does it cost?

Cost depends on many factors including, length, color, brand, type, quantity, and the condition of your hair. Extensions can range in cost $250-800 for a full head. The price is broken into 2 parts; the cost of the hair and the cost for application.

4. Can I treat my hair the same as before?

The correct brushes, cleansing, conditioning, and styling products will be recommended. It is very important to follow the recommendations made by your stylist. Some additional care will be required to get the most out of your extensions. This will be explained during your initial consultation. Improper care may result in the loss of some of your extensions and will require you to make more frequent visits to the salon for maintenance.

5. Can I swim in a pool and go to the beach?

Chlorine and salt water are best avoided. In addition, you will want to avoid any other chemical which may dry the extensions. If you do plan to swim, it will be essential that you use extra precautions to prevent tangling, dryness, and damage.  Wear your hair up and try to keep your head above water, or if your hair extensions do come into contact with water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

6. How about physical activities like tennis, running, or regular workouts?

As with swimming, you will want to take extra precaution. As body sweat is slightly acidic, you will want to keep the hair from contact with your skin if possible. You would be advised that you should wash and condition your hair as quickly as possible after physical activity.

7. Can I have my hair colored with extensions?

Yes, a professional colorist will have no problem maintaining your hair color.  Adding chemical directly to the bonds should be carefully avoided in order to keep them hard and strong in your hair.

8. Is it normal for some of my extensions to come out on their own?

It is inevitable that, over time, some of your extensions will loosen and/or come out. With the right aftercare, your extensions will have a better chance at lasting longer.  If you wear micro-bead extensions, you may keep this hair to be re-attached during your next appointment. 

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