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A look at some of the best transformations over 10 years! All work done by Samantha Mandarino.
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Recent Testimonials

We are very proud of our quality and customer service is our top priority. We encourage feedback and we love hearing from you.

Check out our fantastic testimonials! We have many happy customers! We here at Instant Beauty would like to thank everyone for their generous, kind words. ♡

Hi Samantha! I just wanted to thank you for touching up my extensions. They feel secure & amazing - definitely the best they have ever felt. 


Loooooove Samantha! She is so patient and definitely does an amazing job. I literally felt like a new person thanks to her. My hair def has a new fav stylist. Will be going to her from now on, super recommended! 


Thank you... I love it!!! These Hair extensions are the best I've found, great quality & great customer service! I found this company on eBay and have been shopping here ever since. Shipping is quick too

Bethany Tipton

I saw originally saw Samantha for tape ins a few months ago but I honestly didt like them.  Samantha gave me the option to switch to weft extensions and im so happy she did.  They are so comfortable and look awesome and thick.  love my experience with Sam, she is very knowledgeable and kind.


Received my extensions a couple of months ago....but wanted to hold off commenting until I'd worn them a bit... I got mine installed, cut, highlighted and I curl them all the time and they are still as perfect as the day I got them... great product great friendly assistance and perfect color match to my hair, highly recommend

Ruby Morgan

Just want to share my experience, really this was the best service and hair extensions. I went to chicago for my friends wedding. I was in the wedding party and this very upscale wedding so I wanted to look like a model...I can't believe how the hair totally changed my look. I bought instant beauty hair & it looked full and about 12" longer than my natural hair but it was so believable. It was comfortable as well as really seductive. I looked like a movie star. I really love it thank you

Katherine Files

I received my hair extensions about a month ago, and i am obsessed! These are the best hair extensions i have used. They match perfectly with my hair colour, which i was worried about. I have dark brown hair with natural red highlights and i could not ask for a better match. I have thin and medium length hair and these blend so well. 

Sabrina Dithurbide

I REALLY love my extensions SO MUCH. Samantha made custom extensions for me because I have crazy unmanageabe THICK hair. They blend perfectly. She did an amazing job. I wear two wefts, and I believe it combines to a total of 200 grams. They are the best extensions I have ever own. The hair is so soft and silky. If you live in Toronto or close to Toronto, I highly recommend going into her salon and showing your hair so she gets an idea of what would work best for you. That's exactly what I did, and she looked at my hair and designed customized extensions that blended naturally with my real hair. She is a really sweet girl. I highly recommdend her products and services. I love my extensions so much. You cannot even tell that I am wearing them. They are not thin and stringy at the ends. They are thick from top to bottom. Honestly they are the best extensions out there. 100% Remy Hair as well :)

Thiepana Sukhdeo

Gorgeous Hair Extensions... AA++ Exactly what I wanted =)


LOVE THIS HAIR!!!!! TY!!!I was amazed on how many compliments I get! The quality is really good too.


Hi everyone - I would just like to share my experience....I recently fgot my hair done with Sam at her salon...I got the hot fusion extensions. Let me say, the colour is PERFECTTTTTTTT she matched it perfeectly to my own hair. Also, she was really friendly and I enjoyed my time there. She was pretty fast, but she was careful and gentle. I am going to recommend her to all of my friends and family who might be looking for extensions. The hair is amazing, very soft and silky. Thanks Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Maria

I love Instant Beauty Hair Extensions! I ordered fusion strands with keratin glue online & they arrived in 1 DAY!!! I'm going to order more. CFL - Customer for life!!! :p


Very happy with my hair!! I had some micro ring extensions applied a few weeks ago with Samantha, the girl who runs this whole thing and she recommended this method. They look natural and are very comfortable. She says they are non damaging, so I am very pleased overall. Thanks so much Sam!!!

Justine R

I am so happy with my clip in extensions. Samantha was extremely helpful and goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. At first I ordered the 22' with the wrong colour, and Samantha with no hesitation, colour matched my hair and ordered me the 18' length. I then still thought it looked a little funny, she offered for me to come to her location to trim them a bit to make them look more natural. They look awesome now! It is really hard to meet and know of a company that takes the time and care with their customers. Samantha is truly one of them! Thank you Samantha for taking the time with me!



Christina Mazza

I bought clip ins from here. It was pretty expensive but I like this product alot. It's nice quality & they will probably last me a long time so its worth it. They match my hair and I use them easily. Thak u


awesome! Thanks so much for this. I always wnoedr what new products are best because I seem to get bored of the ones I use often. And I love that a few of these you can find at the drugstore or places like Target! Thanks again!


I bought a custom one piece extension...need a little shaping but overalll great hair. Would buy again!

Lana M

Samantha is an amazing hair dresser. She is very nice and customer-oriented, and she is very good at what she does. Have had tape-in extensions and also just regular hair cuts with her. Very satisfied. She is the best!


Excellent quality - best I've found online so these ones they are the real deal _# EXTREMELY HAPPY!! Color match was almost perfect...i brought them to my hair salon and they installed them to match. Great quality - HAIR STYLIST GIVES A++++ Thanks

Lorrie Garret

BEST extensions I have ever seen! Beautiful and durable. PERFECT. Fab website, youtubr channel + facebook page - I'm a fan!! Love Instant Beauty!! :)

Katy White

I love my new hair! Everyone at work constantly keeps complementing me! Sam does an excellent job, I will recommend her to everyone! I feel great, confident & sexy with my long thick hair !


Having beautiful hair is not only about esthetics, it's about a feeling that comes from within of confidence and beauty. I cannot begin to express how much I adore my extensions. Sam is truly one of a kind and it shows through her work. She has such dedication and passion for her cutomers and the beauty industry that is undeniable. My extensions have lasted me a tremendous amount of time, and Sam is always so accomodating to my needs. Thanks again!!!!


Dear Samantha, I wanted to thank you once again for the spectacular work you did on my hair today. The colour matching is flawless and indistinguishable even to my own eyes, and it feels and looks just like my own hair but with the fullness I've been missing. You are meticulous and a true artist, and I can already tell I will be completely hooked to doing extensions! I plan on taking very good care of them as well as my own hair so that we can keep doing this and I can become one of your regular clients. Thank you again so much, looking forward to seeing you in July.



Bonded extensions were recommended to me and so my search began. I found Samantha online, wrote her an email- and she follow-up instantly! Since our initial consultation, and now almost three years later, she has been my hair savior. Samantha?s expertise at colour matching, meticulous placement of bonds and use of quality hair- have not only provided me with a full head of natural looking/feeling and perfectly blended hair but has restored the look I once had. She truly made me whole again and makes it easier for me to accept that I will never get back what I had. There is tremendous value in what she does; her prices are beyond reasonable, she is always quick at responding, she is flexible in her scheduling, and even above that- she?s simply a genuinely sincere person who is concerned about your hair health. You cannot help but like Sam and want to continue using her services, she listens to you and makes you beautiful- what else could a woman ask for?

Angele Durfresne

I just got fusion extensions done by samantha and so far I couldnt be happier. They match my hair colour and style 100%. I wanted them to look natural as I have just cut my hair and I didn't want anyone to know. I recommend Instant Beauty 110%!

Katie Cerra

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