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Black Velvet - Jet Black (#1) The shade is a cool-toned solid shade of black. This is the darkest shade that we offer and matches well with black hair colors.


Enhance your natural hair with Instant Beauty's Seamless Invisible Tape Extensions, and you will surely add an extra layer of powerful attraction to your already gorgeous self! Seamless Invisible Tapes are the latest innovation in the hair extension market. We've eliminated the 'shiny tape' tab that can sometimes poke out and because of this, they are the most invisible tape extensions on the market & the best for thin or fine hair.


Hair is injected into a flexible skin weft, giving the illusion hair is growing directly from the scalp!

They can be placed on the top side of a tape sandwhich, using classic tapes at the bottom, or just on the crown of the head. They last for eight weeks between applications, and can be reused up to three times with either single or double sided replacement tape.



● 15 grams per pack | 4 pieces | 20 Inch Length

● Pre-taped and ready to apply

● Reusable for 3 applications with proper care

● 100% Double drawn, premium Remy human hair

● Can be combined with our Classic Tapes


*Application to be done by professional trained hairstylist only


This product has been designed in Canada, manufactured and shipped ot of North America & created using the very best quality Premium 100% Remy Human European hair.

Black Velvet - Seamless Invisible Tape Extensions

  • + These extensions come straight, but because they are made from 100% human hair, they can be curled or styled anyway you like.

    + To achieve a perfect colour match, we recommend purchasing a set closest or slightly lighter than your own hair and dying it a shade darker if need be. We do not recommend bleaching or lightening these extensions.

    + This set is 15 grams in hair thickness, so we recommend purchasing 4-6 packs for a full head.  You can calso combine 1 pack of Seamless Invisible Tapes with a few packs of our Standard Tapes.

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